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Recycling Services For A Good Cause

American Recycling Incorporated is an electronic recycling business committed to serving orphaned children in Southeast Asia and Africa. Our business, now in its 25th year, donates its profits to a nonprofit organization to help pay for food, clothing, and school supplies for struggling youth in poor countries. We are contacting you to let you know how you can assist American Union Ventures in this charitable project, while you simultaneously avoid paying your own recycling costs.

As you may be aware, electronic devices like computers, Laptops, LCD Monitors, televisions, and cell phones must be recycled once they are no longer in use in order to avoid causing harm to the environment. When school districts, small businesses and other organizations dispose of these devices a recycling company typically charges them a fee. However, our company is different.

Rather than charging for our recycling services, we pay you. We pick up and dispose of your electronic waste at no cost to you. We then sell the electronic parts that we salvage and pay you 15%-30% of those proceeds. A percentage of the remaining proceeds are then donated to an organization that supports orphaned children abroad.

With this business model, we have been able to establish profitable relationships with our customers while at the same time work together for a good cause. We are contacting you to offer our recycling services with the hope that you will join us in this project.


American Recycling is the only recycling company in Nebraska with all the proper certifications. See our certifications page for more details.