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Electronics Recycling

American Recycling offers the only vertically integrated, closed-loop, 100% green compliant e-recycling and computer demanufacturing solution in the Central United States. We are the final destination for your electronics, so there are no downstream partners to manage. Our goal is zero e-waste to landfill and we supplement that with full management of the byproducts – paper and plastics. We reduce your costs while maximizing the commodity values of your end-of-life materials.

Benefits of our services:
•eCycling and Computer Recycling solutions are vertically integrated, closed loop and 100% green compliant.
•Minimize your risk with certified and secure destruction, including data destruction, with no downstream partners to manage.
•With four electronic recycling centers and more than 492,000 square feet, we are one of the largest electronics recyclers in the Central U.S.
•American Recycling and ISO certifications allow us to maximize recovery value while minimizing environmental concerns.

With strategic centers and e-Cycling facilities in five states and corporate HQ in Lincoln, Nebraska, we keep electronic waste recycling in the US and participate as a green American industry.