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American Recycling operates a facility covers approximately 34,500 square feet in Lincoln, NE. We use all proper and required safety equipment needed for the refurbishment and sorting of the equipment we receive.

Our primary objective is to refurbish eligible equipment for a “second-life”, thus extending its useful life and keeping waste from the landfills. Equipment deemed unfit for refurbishment and are broken down into recyclable materials such as metals, plastics, and gold to promote sustainable manufacturing of new devices. Materials such as CRT Monitors and Tube TVs are sent downstream to Certified R2 recycler who specialize in dismantling them. 

American Recycling goal is to help you secure your assets, limiting your security liability, reducing your carbon footprint, and to protect our environment. We are dedicated to adhere the Environmental, Healthy & Safety standards within the industry.


In today’s market, location is a key decision point in selecting a value-added partner. American Recycling understands the need to be a low-cost provider through strategic aggregation and processing facilities. By providing in-region electronic recycling facilities to combat the rising transportation costs, American Recycling assures the greatest return to our clients. American Recycling facilities are fully secured under constant surveillance using digital camera systems to ensure the safety data of our customers.

Recycling For A Good Cause

American Recycling is an electronic recycling business committed to serving orphaned children in Southeast Asia and Africa. Our business donate a portion of its profits to a nonprofit organization to help support struggling youth in developing countries. With this business model, we have been able to establish healthy relationships with our clientele while working together for a good cause.
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