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American Recycling continues to focus on delivering the most comprehensive and transparent E-waste recycling services for handling electronic waste for our clients. We deliver on this commitment daily by insisting that our team operates in a progressive, competent, and controlled manner to ensure American Recycling delivers exactly what our clients demand in the most economically viable and environmentally sound way.

New Electronics


Stack of laptops waiting to be recycled.
Stack of keyboards waiting to be recycled.

·      Laptops/Desktops

·      Tablets

·      LCD Monitors

·      CRT Monitors

·      TVs

·      Barcode Scanners

·      Circuit Boards

·      Copiers

·      Printers

·      DVD Player

·      DVD/CD Drives

·      Keyboards

·      Routers

·      Servers

·      Scanners

These are the most popular items we accept but not the only ones. Some may have a small fee to recycle. View our Disposal Fees, click here. If you have questions, please contact us.


Ear thermometer
Digital Thermostat

·      Medical Equipment (digital             thermometers, thermostats, etc.)

·      Mercury Contained Equipment

·      Fluorescent Bulbs

·      Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB)

Semi-trailer Truck with a nice landscape behind it.
We offer pick-up services and host recycling events. Our focus is making recycling easy and accessible for our community and across the country.

American Recycling Box Truck
American Recycling Box Truck


We offer pick-up services and host recycling events. Our focus is making recycling easy and accessible for our community and across the country.



Here at American Recycling, our #1 priority is data security. Our facility is fully equipped and certified to safely handle your data containing devices. Our process consists of Data Destruction and Data Sanitization. Upon customer request, we can provide on-site Data Destruction.

Data Destruction

American Recycling Data Destruction guidelines for data drives meet the DOD 5220.22M requirements. Our Data Destruction machines include the Hard Drive Shredder, Data Shredder, and Mobile Hard Drive Crusher. Upon customer request these machines can be taken for on-site Data Destruction. For both on-site and off-site Data Destruction a Certificate of Destruction will be issued (upon customer request). Once these data-containing hard drives are destroyed; data information is unable to access directly from the breakage of the magnetic disk within the hard drives. Each hard drive destroyed is scanned into the system tracking software to monitor the chain of destruction and a data validation is assessed for each Data Destruction Process. Types of data-containing items include LTO tapes, floppy disks, hard drives, solid state drives, VHS tapes, cassettes, USBs, phones, credit cards, CDs, and any type of microchips; are properly destroyed and irretrievable. 

Data Sanitization

American Recycling Data Sanitization guidelines for Media Sanitization meet the NIST 800-88. American Recycling has secure, certified software that fully wipes the existing data up to three times, ensuring complete and secure Data Sanitization. If drives are unable to be read through the sanitization machines; drives will be sent to Data Destruction. A monthly data validation is assessed and drives are re-evaluated to assure that no data is contained within drives.

Security Cart

Upon request, we will also provide our clients who would like to be assured more security for their data-containing devices, with a secure cart to store their devices in. The security cart we provide is tamper-proof with an Internal Lockjaw® locking system for secure disposal of data.


Data security is critical in an e-waste recycling operation and a central component to our R2 certification.

American Recycling has implemented the following security controls within our facility, fleet and drivers:

  • Sixteen (16) internal and external security cameras with live and taped feeds, and a 12-month rollover on recordings

  • Security camera in every truck

  • All warehouse doors are inaccessible from the outside

  • All employees and visitors can only enter/exit the building from the main entrance

  • Visitors are required to sign in, wear a visitor tag and be escorted by someone

  • Employees in the warehouse (operators, truck drivers, and technicians) are required to wear colored vests to identify them as employees

  • Warehouse Operators and Tech Leads have two-way radios for communication

  • Warehouse has an intercom system in place

  • Alarm system with personalized PIN number for managers

  • Driving records and background checks required for truck drivers upon hire

  • Security carts to transport data containing items include tamper-proof with an Internal Lockjaw® locking system

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